free-large-bookFREE Book Alert! Request the “Look What I Can Do! Easy Reader” book. This freebie is ideal for children age 5-6! This is HUGE like those big Valentines Day cards you see all over the place. It’s sure to grab your child’s attention. You can get up to 3 per household – absolutely FREE!


Reinforces positive, healthy choices for children age 5 to 6. Suitable for parents or educators, features the Building Blocks for a Healthy Future characters in a story that encourages children to read, learn to solve problems, and make healthy decisions. Item details- Oversized book 16″ x 19″


Get it here –> FREE Book – Look What I Can Do


Update: Mine just arrived! It took about 3 weeks but it was worth the wait. They weren’t lying when they said these books are HUGE! I snapped a pic to show you. They’re so big, that they have to ship them in a big tube! LOL Here’s what they look like:


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