It’s no secret that i’m completely and hopelessly frugal. If there’s a way to save, i’m all about it. That being said, there are some things I don’t mind splurging on. One of those things is my makeup. I am a HUGE fan of MAC Cosmetics. While it’s not cheap, it’s well worth every cent. Not only does it last an extremely long time (unlike the drug store stuff that goes bad in a couple months), but it lasts ALL day! Not to mention the full coverage or the fact that it photographs beautifully. Clearly, I love this stuff.

Since I do swear by this stuff, I take advantage of their freebie program. You’ll get a FREE Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics when you turn in 6 empty containers. There is NO limit to how many FREE lipsticks you can get. Every 6 empty containers will get you one (any color you want). This is a $15 value!!

So, long story short… if you use MAC Cosmetics, be sure you’re not throwing away those empty makeup containers. Turn them in for a FREE Lipstick instead! Click Here for more info.

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