de. seussThis is a pretty great deal! Right now you can score 5 Dr. Seuss books plus a FREE activity book for only $5.95 SHIPPED! That’s just .99¢ per book (reg. $8.99 each)! This is a really awesome deal!


Check out what Adventures in Coupons found as a SALE at their local store! $5.00 PER BOOK! You can see why this is a great deal (plus you get a FREE activity book)!



Here’s how to get yours:

  • Visit the Dr. Seuss website and place your order for 5 Dr. Seuss books (plus FREE activity guide) for only .99 each
  • You CAN order 2 more books for just $4.99 each BUT you do not have to. Choose the NO option if you don’t want to
  • Fill in your mailing info and pay just $5.95!

There is no further obligation. This is a monthly subscription BUT, I’ve ordered from them before with NO issues cancelling! They were super sweet and helpful when I called to cancel and with this offer, you get to KEEP THE BOOKS!!



(Thanks Adventures in Coupons for the sale pic!)

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