How many of you own a pair of Sketchers Shape-ups?? If you do, you might be interested to learn they are now in a class-action lawsuit!

Like many of you I was excited to hear about a shoe that would help me lose weight and tone-up, more so than if I was just walking or exercising in regular shoes. I ended up buying a cheap pair. Honestly, I thought they were working. I could feel a significant difference when I walked in them verses regular walking shoes. The back of my legs definitely felt the burn.

Regardless of how I feel about them, the Federal Government has spoken and Sketchers has agreed to pay $40 MILLION Dollars in refunds for those who purchased the Sketchers Shape-ups. The quote below and more information can be found on the FTC’s website regarding this case.

The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, charged Skechers with making unfounded claims that its Shape-ups and other “toning shoes” would help people lose weight and tone their buttocks, legs, and abdominal muscles.

To settle the case, Skechers USA has agreed to pay $40 million to provide refunds to people who bought Skechers toning shoes.

To request a refund, submit your request here.

Did you buy any Sketchers Shape-ups? Do you feel they really worked or will you be requesting a refund?? We’d love to hear your thoughts!






Thanks to Coupon Pro for the heads up on this information.

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