For those of you who are not yet aware of the most recent change, let us fill you in. Facebook (the same website that said they would NEVER charge) has now gone back on their word. While it’s true that it doesn’t cost anything to open an account (YET), Facebook has rolled out some new changes that will make it almost impossible to interact on there, unless you pay up.

For us bloggers, this is a HUGE deal! We spend thousands of dollars hosting giveaways, and advertising ourselves, in order to bring in more people. A large majority of us focus on Facebook as a main source of interaction. Heck, almost everyone has a Facebook account so it just made sense. Sadly, the money we’ve invested and the time we’ve invested, now seems to be moot.

Take a look at the screen cap in the post. This is what we (as admins) see on our Facebook page. There are several things I want to point out. The first, is the most obvious – the charges. As of right now, the large majority of our Facebook fans are NOT seeing what we post. This started a few months back when Facebook first introduced timeline. It’s evident that they planned this out for a while. That’s when you started noticing that pages you “liked” were no longer showing on your news feed. After all, Facebook knows what’s best. They know what it is that you want and when you want it (**rolling my eyes**).

Back to the charges. Those various fee’s you see in the photo – those are the prices they want us to pay, just so more people (who already “like” our page) can see our posts. We have over 22,000 Facebook fans. If we want a shot at everyone seeing what we post, it’ll cost us $100 per POST! Remember, this is also on top of the money we spent just to get our name out there, and gain those “likes”. Just like the screen cap says, we can “get more people who like our page, to see that post”.

Now look at the photo again, but take a peek at the people reached (bottom of the pic). Only 6% are able to see what we post. Six percent of 22,000+. Β This is a HUGE issue… and it doesn’t just effect us.

See, we’re able to hold giveaways, because companies want us to help them get their product in front of the general public. Be it a new website, kids toys, baby gear and more. That is an investment for them. They provide us with giveaway items for all of you (like the $150 Amazon Gift Card giveaway we’re doing), so you’re aware of their new products, and to generate interest. Makes sense, right?

Well… if you don’t see our updates, you don’t visit our blog. If you don’t visit our blog, our traffic rankings drop. If our traffic rankings drop, companies don’t want to sponsor giveaways. If they don’t sponsor giveaways…. no more awesome (and high dollar) freebies for you!!

So you see… this is the start of something terrible. It’s not just us. It’s all bloggers. Not even just the bloggers. It’s ALL businesses that rely on Facebook for fan interaction.

In an effort to make sure you guys are still seeing our posts, please subscribe to our once daily email. This will ensure you see all the new posts, each day. Additionally, those who subscribe to our blog email and click the links to view our posts… will be entered to win a FREE Amazon gift card. There will be 5 winners each month. All eligible winners will be put into a random drawing (to be held on the 25th of each month, starting June 25th 2012) and notified within 3 days. It’s as simple as that!

So, PLEASE take a moment to subscribe to our emails and view our posts each day!

One other thing I want to point out is that you have the ability to see us on Facebook, even if they don’t want you too. Here’s a post that Caity did, to walk you through the very easy steps. This will help you to see all of your favorite pages that Facebook has decided, you don’t need to see.

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