If you’re a wine drinker, pay attention! I’m about to share my favorite website for delicious wine of all kinds!

Lot 18 is a daily deal site, specifically geared toward wine drinkers. They have a large variety to choose from, with new shipments arriving each day. Reds, whites, blushes, you name it!

In addition to the discounted fine wines, they also offer gourmet meats, cheeses, coffee, cutting boards, wine glasses and more. It’s literally a dream come true for frugal people who entertain in their home.

Want to hear something else that’s great? See that photo to the left? That’s a case of wine that I got for FREE (one of several actually) – and it’s since become my FAVORITE white wine! I am a big wine drinker so this put a BIG smile on my face (and has made me a return customer).

I joined Lot18 but didn’t buy right away. I added a few bottles to my cart, but then got side tracked. A couple days later, I got an email with a random FREE credit offer. Turns out, Caity (the other half of The Daily Goodie Bag), also had this happen. Oh.. additional thing to mention. You get a FREE $10 credit when you join. They literally throw free credits at you!

I can assure you that you will enjoy Lot18 as much as I do. So, sign up for a FREE account and watch your email!

CLICK HERE to create your FREE account

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