Maybe you’ve seen us post about this awesome website. You can literally shop for only $0.01 out of pocket, and the selection is massive! Makeup, home decor, kitchen items, clothes, shoes, accessories and more! You’ll find thousands upon thousands of items that you just have to have!

Sign up for a FREE account using THIS LINK and you’ll get a $10 credit (if you don’t use this link you’ll only get $5 credit). Then, just search around the website for items that are less than $10 and offer free shipping. That’s all there is to it!

Want some suggestions on what to buy? My hubby has his own little storefront on there, with many items under $10 (and shipping is ALWAYS free with him). Create your FREE account and then head to his store to pick something out – or, just search for Andrew77 in the search bar, to pull up all of his available products.

Here are some of the goodies he has for sale – most of which you can get for only $0.01 out of pocket!

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