Do you own your own business?? If so, you’ll appreciate this offer!! You can grab 100 Premium Business Cards from InkGarden for the very low price of shipping!!

They have hundreds of designs to choose from and each can be easily customized to make your cards unique. Plus, you can choose between one-sided or two-sided cards, to make sure you get the some that match your needs.

Simply start by choosing the design you like best and begin customizing. The steps are pretty easy to follow and if you have questions, they have a help page, as well as a video tutorial.

Enter code:100FREE at the checkout for 100 FREE one-sided business cards. If you would prefer the 100 FREE two-sided business cards, enter code: 100FREE2 at the checkout. Since this is a FREE for Shipping offer, you are required to pay shipping charges. Shipping is just $4.99, which isn’t bad at all when making an investment for your business or career. A very low price for 100 Quality Business Cards!!

The last time this offer was around, tons of people talked about how great the quality and service was. If you are a business person of any kind, you know how important it is to have business cards on hand. It also helps when offers like these pop up, to add to your business card stash or try a new look without spending tons of money (especially if you are a new or small business).

You cannot combine these coupon codes with other offers, and they are limited to one use per customer/household. These codes expire 5/22/2012, so don’t miss out!!



The Daily Goodie Bag ‘Lingo’: FREE for Shipping means an offer that states ‘free’, but does charge you for shipping costs. Many FREE for Shipping deals are GREAT deals and worthy of the small price to have it shipped.

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