I just love getting FREE codes to enter for Reward Programs. There’s a new promotion from Disney Movie Rewards that ends soon!!

Thru 4/5/12, you can use the clues and find hidden words worth 10 points each at Disney Movies Rewards!! I could give you the codes, but that would take all the fun out of it. They aren’t hard to find at all, promise!! Find all the words and you’ll score 50 points in your account!! Nice, right?!? I think so. 🙂

The search pages they give for these clues are listed below. Read the clues on the promo image to help you easily find all the hidden words. Let us know if you find them all!

Clue Search Page Links:

  1. Go here for this clue
  2. You’ll want to hop here for the next clue
  3. Dance on over to clue number 3
  4. Dig down to clue number 4
  5. Finally the last clue

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