WOW! This is a GREAT freebie from Camel! Get a FREE $15 gift card! We’ve laid out the steps to help you whiz through this very easily. Don’t worry, there’s nothing difficult and there’s no catch. We just wanna make sure everyone is able to easily navigate the website.



1. Log into or register at (see note)

2. If you’re not already a Beast House member, go here and click “I AGREE, LET’S GO” at bottom of page. Then, click ‘BUILD MY PROFILE”.

3. Complete challenge 2 “Defend the Capsule Institute”





4. Click “REDEEM YOUR E-CODE” and fill in form at up2U Rewards E-Card site. Be sure to use the same info (email, name, address) that’s registered with your Camel account. Click generate card and you’ll see your gift card on the bottom of that screen.

You can use the card number as you would any Visa/Mastercard e-gift card. On screen you’ll see the numbers, security code and expiration date. You may want to print the page, write it down or copy/paste and keep somewhere safe.

Note: We do not encourage users to smoke. This is being posted as it’s a great freebie. If you’re not interested, that’s totally fine. Just skip it and move on to the next one. Also, this is not valid in Massachusettes. You can do this once per account (not limited to one per household).

Thanks Gimmie Freebie

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