Any Members get an email this morning? Be sure to look for the email titled ‘10 minutes, 15 questions, $15 Free Credits‘!! They have randomly selected some members to participate in a short survey. If you are selected and choose to participate, you’ll get $15 in FREE credit when you complete the survey!! I just completed it and it’s not long at all. Definitely worth the few minutes to earn some extra credit.

For those who have never heard of, it’s a deal site. They have deals for nice items, that change every couple of days. They are known to randomly give members FREE credit (which you may not see until you log in). You can also earn FREE Credit and FREE shipping, for simply inviting friends. They don’t always have to make a purchase for you to get credit for referring them either, which is a nice bonus. An example of that is when you invite 10 friends (no purchase necessary), you get $30 in FREE Credit. Not bad, right?

I purchased several things as Christmas gifts last month and was impressed with the quality, shipping speed, and customer service I received. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future. Are you a member? Did you get the Survey Email??

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