Looking for another sweepstakes to enter?? We got ya covered!! dENiZEN America has a Holiday Bonus Sweepstakesgoing on!! You have until 12/31/11 to get your entry in to win some nice prizes. Simply fill out the short form to complete your entry. Winners will be announced on 1/2/11. Wishing you all tons of luck!!

Prize List:

  • (1) Grand Prize: Holiday Cash Bonus (if they reach 100,0 $10,000)
  • (5) dENIZEN Jeans for the family (5 Fans who refer the most friends thru the contest invite link will win jeans for their ENTIRE family!! 5 pairs total for each winner!!)
  • (1500) Hollywood Movie Money (1 FREE Movie Ticket)

Once you get your entry in, New dENiZEN fans should head over to redeem a FREE reward!! Click ‘Like’ and fill out the form. You’ll instantly find out if you get a $3.00 Rebate, Target Card, or FREE Pair of dENiZEN Jeans!! Awesome right?! Let us know what you get!!

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