So I was looking for a better Facebook App for my new Kindle Fire (loving it!) last night. There aren’t a lot of apps out there for Facebook, that are compatible with the Fire.

I came across the FREE Android App: Friendcaster for Facebook and decided I’d give it a try after reading some of the reviews. Let me tell you….I LOVE IT! I have problems all the time on my laptop, with not seeing our Facebook posts or friends post, etc. since the newest changes. Not with this app! I can see all the most recent posts (I mean by the second) with Friendcaster for Facebook!!

You can customize tons of settings, which is also a plus. Have it keep you on your last page or where you left off when you reload the app, or have it bring you to the newest in your feed. If you have an Android-Based device, I highly recommend this app!


  • Select the privacy setting for each Facebook post you make
  • Re-Share your Facebook friend’s posts
  • Upload multiple photos and videos; tag friends in photos
  • Pull to refresh News Feed, Profiles, etc
  • Get notification popups of Facebook emails, friends’ birthdays

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