Because of this AMAZING website, I’ve received a FREE ipad, FREE Apple TV, 2 FREE Calvin Klein handbags, FREE M.A.C Makeup, FREE Sephora Makeup, 8 FREE pairs of earrings, 7 FREE pairs of designer sunglasses, FREE XBox with Kinect Package, and MORE!! There is no cost whatsoever!!

How do you get kickin’ freebies like that? Simple!!

Here’s how:
1.Sign up at No More Rack
2. Confirm your email address
3. Once you’re signed up & Confirmed, click on the banner at the bottom of the page that says “Friend Rack”
4. Grab your referral link
5. Refer your friends (BONUS… everyone gets a FREE $10 credit to their website too, with code P1080!!)
6. Make sure your friends confirm their email as well so you get credit for referring them


It’s very easy and there are TONS of freebies to choose from! The more people you refer, the better your prize is! Here’s a screen cap of the prizes you can choose from, which they are constantly updating. There’s NO End Date to this promo, so you can take as much time as you need to refer and keep grabbing awesome freebies!! (P.S. CLICK HERE to see pics of some things I’ve received from them)

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