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When I was first contacted by Baby Nari to do a review, I was super excited as I thought it was the BEST product idea for a baby carrier I had ever seen. Most baby carriers have all the snaps, buckles, straps, etc that you have to secure and it’s sometimes difficult to get your child in and out of one in a hurry. I, of course, said yes I would LOVE to learn more about their product and share my experience with all of you!

They immediately shipped it out to me and I received it within a few short days. Their customer service has been fantastic the entire time. Very nice to work with! They’ve been there to answer any questions I might have. When the package arrived, I opened it and was surprised to see it in it’s own cute carrier box! Such a nice touch! The packaging makes this PERFECT for a baby shower gift! They also included a sweet gift of a little ‘Bear’ Purse for my youngest daughter. Both of my daughters LOVE the little purse!!

The suspense was killing me, I HAD to try it on and see how well it worked. Renee is more for the full support carriers for her little ones, but I was interested in the ease of use of the Baby Hip Hugger. I strapped it on in no time at all. Step one was to make sure the velcro strap was tightened well and then snap the buckle and tighten the strap on that one. That’s it! I was done putting it on! My girls were ready and waiting to see what Mommy was doing with the ‘big belt’. I picked up Faelyn, who is 2 and weighs about 28 pounds, and sat her on the seat. She LOVED it! She was on top of the world (aka mommy LOL). Madyson, my 3 year old, was next in line and trying to patiently wait to get her turn on the Baby Nari. I sat Faelyn down, who by the way, was in no way ready for her turn to be over, and picked up Madyson. Madyson weighs about 35 pounds and sat on the seat with no problems at all. It never gave in or acted like it was going to come off. It was very secure and I had piece of mind knowing that my children were safe. And best of all, I was comfortable and not in pain by holding them.

Now, obviously this isn’t a regular carrier. You may still have to have your hand on your child to insure they don’t fall. Especially if you have wild ones like I do, who tend to want to lean and throw themselves at any given moment. But one of the great things about this carrier is that it relieves pain from your neck, shoulders, back, and arms that you may normally get from holding your child for any length of time.

My two toddlers, especially Faelyn, still like to be carried a LOT! Her little legs get tired and I’ll admit…she’s a bit of a mommy’s girl. So she wants up and down and back up…frequently. With the Baby Nari, I can easily strap it on and pick her up with ease and sit her back down when she’s ready. I can also switch sides to best fit my needs at the time of use. As well as have her facing towards me or away from me, and she’s very comfortable with both positions.

Say you are going on a little shopping trip or hitting the yard sales and you will be driving short distances with frequent stops. This is one of those times that the Baby Nari will become your BEST friend! If I were to have a regular full baby carrier, I would have to snap, buckle, situate baby, make sure this is tightened, OH! I forgot a strap, now this buckle…ok she’s in. Shop for a little bit, now it’s time to take her OUT of the baby carrier and on to the next stop. That, in my personal opinion, is a pain in the rear! Not with the Baby Nari! You just velcro, snap, pick up baby and go! Someone’s ready to leave? That’s ok, un-buckle, pull the velcro off and your DONE! And it’s way faster than it sounds…trust me! It’s so fast and easy to put on and take off , and best of all your child will love it and be comfortable using it (as will you).

Within the few weeks that I’ve had the Baby Nari, I have had several friends come over who fell in LOVE with this product! It’s just THAT awesome for the busy mom with babies or toddlers! I already know I’m going to have to lend this out before long. And get this, my HUSBAND even likes to use the Baby Nari!! Before he wouldn’t be caught dead with one of the other baby carriers on, now he’s asking me where it is all the time! That’s speaks highly about the Baby Hip Hugger because my husband is hard to please when it comes to what I think are ‘handy’ products.

Yet another plus of the Baby Nari is that it has a zipper pouch under the seat that you can stash diapers, paci’s, etc. in and keep all those necessities right at hand. On the inside of the belt there’s a place you can snap keys, hold your money, phone, etc. Such a GREAT add on to a already fab product!

Now I got the Baby Nari in Brown, but you have so many choices when choosing the perfect color for you! They also have red, beige, pink, black, or blue jean. It supports up to 40 pounds with ease and can be used on a person with up to a 40″ waist line. They have infant carriers and toddler carriers to fit your needs.

The awesome team at Baby Nari is offering up one lucky follower their very OWN Baby Hip Hugger!! Details for entering are below. But wait…there’s MORE!! They are also offering all of you a special coupon code for a $20 OFF Discount!! Awesome right?!? Just enter code: BabyNari at the checkout on their site to receive your discount!

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