There seems to be a question as to whether or not this promo is legit. This seems to happen EVERY time they do this promo, so I will again post photos of the FREE Apple products that I received….with NO PURCHASE!

The main image here is the iPad that I received from one of the promos. There was no purchase. All I had to do was refer people. Same goes for the Apple TV (seen below) that I received. there was no purchase at all.

This is not a pyramid scheme. It’s just like every other referral contest. Just refer your friends. For each friend you refer, you’ll get a “point”. Use those points to snag FREE Apple products. That’s it. I promise you, we wouldn’t encourage you to take part in any kind of scam. Those of you who are familiar with us, know that we don’t post that kind of junk.

So, if you’re interested in snagging a FREE ipod, ipad, apple TV or itouch, sign up and get started. Here’s how:


Hurry, you only have 48 hours!!!
1. Join Bidrack
2. Grab your referral link and have your friends join
3. Redeem your referral count for FREE APPLE PRODUCTS!!

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